QA Testing

At Covansis, we understand the need for QA and testing to ensure high throughput and faster response times.

Through our QA services, we help organizations to develop advanced solutions that deliver highly reliable functionality and responsiveness even during peak loads. Covansis ensures that your IT implementation perform flawlessly under stress, thus reducing business risks, maximizing staff productivity, and setting new performance standards.

With a comprehensively tested IT environment and enterprise framework, our clients are assured of the highest system performance, stability and robustness at all times. Our services span acceptance testing, black box testing, functional testing, integration testing, load testing, performance testing, regression testing, sanity testing, security testing, stress testing, unit testing, usability testing and white box testing.

We Provide

QA director, QA engineer, QA lead, QA manager, QA specialist, QA test engineer, QA tester