Fulfillment Model

Our fulfillment model is built on state-of-the-art systems, tools and processes that are designed to offer all our clients a highly customized and efficient recruiting solution. We ensure that you find highly qualified and motivated professionals who can meet your business standards. Our fulfillment model comprises the following key components:

Key components of our fulfillment model are

  • Proactive and real time sourcing from exhaustive and up-to-date databases that can be search for skills, location and industry
  • Focused and dedicated customer service teams who meet your specific business needs
  • Remuneration analysis and benchmarking to ensure a high degree of cost effectiveness
  • Stringent screening and selection process for high success in placement
  • Innovative solutions to keep employees motivated and ensure high retention
  • Comprehensive training to upskill and educate professionals in latest developments
  • Minimal manual intervention to ensure 100% audit compliance
  • Advances solution accelerators and toolkits for high efficiency across the lifecycle
  • Customized, streamlined and fully integrated back office systems