Permanent Placement Services

At Covansis, our primary focus is on the development of enduring relationships with clients which has enabled us to build a successful track record of placing hundreds of professionals every year, globally.

With over 14 years of experience, we offer clients ready access to thousands of candidates to meet every need. You can perform searches in real time, for all your requirements across all areas of IT development.

Covansis delivers a comprehensive and high quality recruiting experience, so that you can recruit, assess and select the right professionals for the right job every time. We act as your partners to understand your specific business requirements and only present candidates with the right technical and soft skill sets to address your goals.

We have consistently ensured highly satisfactory results to hundreds of our clients, which have resulted in long term business partnerships. We work across areas including DW/BI, ERP, QA, mobile, cloud, Big Data, social media and various Internet technologies.

Software Developers/Architects

Database Developers/Administrators

DW/BI Analysts

Project Managers

System Analysts


Network/IT Infrastructure Managers

System Administrators